Healthy Summer Happy Summer!

Welcome to July, one of the best months of the year! Not only because the sun is shining and we can head to the beach to get our tans on, but kids are out for the summer and adults have vacation! That said, it’s so important to take precautions about the heat and heat stroke this summer. We recommend everyone to take these following tips into consideration when preparing for a summer vacation. Remember:


  • Always wear sunscreen and sun protection, minimum 20 SPF and 50 SPF for children because their skin is much more susceptible to burning
  • Always stay hydrated, remember to drink plenty of fluids throughout the summer to replenish lost liquid from sweating
  • Eat cool crisp foods and fruits and vegetables that are high in water content.

This summer it is also important to stay in shape and get fit. Many people won’t be able to enjoy the beach or wearing bathing suits out of shame of their bodies. Don’t be one of those people! Enjoy the beach regardless of what body you have but you may consider making dietary changes while on vacation or taking some sort of supplement to help you. For losing weight, reviews on skinny fiber tell us this diet pill helps people lose up to 15 pounds in 2 months without having to exercise. Now that sounds great to me! The pills contain glucomannan and cha de bugre which expand in your stomach causing you to feel fuller longer so you lose more weight.



Always drink lots of water, at least a minimum of 8 glasses a day with any fiber supplement and try to avoid drinking too much caffeine as it can dehydrate you.  We also think it’s great to take part in some form of exercise to stay strong. With the hot weather, running isn’t a great idea in the outdoors because you will get tired fast and be dehydrated and at risk to faint or something. Instead, you can join a gym, work out inside of your home or best option of all is to simply do water workouts! You can run in the pool or swim and do laps. You might even just do a workout video in your house to burn calories but be in a nice air conditioned environment. That is the best case scenario in my opinion. Try to stay healthy this summer and you will be able to enjoy the time so much more with your friends and family when you have energy and look good in any outfit or bathing suit you decide to wear. Let this summer be your best summer yet and you won’t regret it!

Diet and Nutritional Healing

In the summer, it is crucial that you change your diet to cool and wet foods like cold soups, smoothies, salads and fruits/raw vegetables or bean salads to still eat healthy but stay cool and keep hydrated. It is important to avoid “heavy” foods like dark meats and anything carb heavy or deep-fried because in the summer, we require less food and more water to avoid dehydration and maintain a healthy and fit body.


Many of my friends have started the hcg diet in hopes of losing up to 20 pounds within a time frame of up to three months. The diet insists on eating a lot of healthy foods, fruits and vegetables and avoiding sugar and heavy bread based foods.  The diet has restricted calorie intakes of only 500 calories a day but we don’t advise eating this amount. It is much better to eat around 1200 calories a day to lose up to 2 pounds of fat per week. The diet also says you must not eat too many sugary foods or breads and stick to legumes, proteins, healthy fats like almonds or olive oil based dressings in salads. You can also enjoy unlimited amounts of low sugar vegetables like cucumber or celery and also enjoy drinking lots of herbal teas. If you want to drink coffee, that’s okay but do not drink too much and you must drink the coffee black without added sugars and milk or cream.
For best results, take the hcg diet drops once a day for 10 drops, and then two more times in the afternoon.The drops have a special hormone that will help you burn fat and especially burn that fat that is stubborn and has not budged in years. For maximum results, you should also consider adding in some form of exercise like cardio, strength-training, weight-lifting or yoga.  It is important to stretch a lot and work out if you want to see muscles. Anyone can get skinny but to get skinny and not be muscular is just like being skinny fat.  Go on the hcg diet and continue to lift weights and you will notice a tighter, leaner and more muscular body that you can be proud of while walking on the beach or wearing a new dress and pair of shorts to the parties downtown! The key is to be consistent with your diet, drink plenty of water, exercise and take the drops every day each time you are supposed to take them. Follow the steps and it will lead to your success.



Dietary Therapies and Fiber for Epilepsy Treatment

Many people recommending changing one’s diet to a ketogenic diet which is high in fat and low in carbs. This can help prevent seizures with some people who face epilepsy.  The diet is high in fat so you can eat things like almonds, pistachios, peanuts, olives, avocados and other healthy fats. Fiber is also important in the diet and while you cannot consume this fiber in the form of breads, pastas and sugar you may use a fiber supplement such as skinny fiber. The cost of skinny fiber is around 60 dollars per bottle.


For every single gram of carb or protein, you should be having three to four grams of fat.  This is different than following an Atkins diet because it is essential that the diet is monitored by a dietary professional or nutritionist.   Generally ,most people get their fiber requirements and energy from carbohydrates.  But in this diet, the body must get its primary source of energy and fuel from fats.


What types of foods can I eat?

This diet is generally recommended for children.  The types of foods you can eat are rich in fat. For example, butter, whipped cream, mayo and various types of oils.  This is often a fast and the diet will be monitored as the child or adult is in the hospital


Do not attempt to do this fast or this diet while at home. You must have careful supervision by a professional or doctor in an equipped environment.  Also make sure that any treatments or medications taken are free of carbohydrates.

Does this diet work to help prevent episodes?

Many studies have suggested that if followed precisely, it does work.  Half of the young children who went on the diet were fifty percent less likely to have seizures.  A tenth of the children went on to become permanently free of seizures.  Which is evidence enough and encouraging enough to at least give the diet a try.


What types of side effects may I experience from this diet?

Because the body is switching out the types of macro nutrients it is using for its fuel source, the child may feel tired or lethargic for a few days.  It is essential to drink plenty of fluids and carb-free drinks.  If the individual is on this diet for a long duration of time, they may feel constipated or dehydrated or have high cholesterol.  Please be careful and seek medical attention if you or your child experiences any of these symptoms.


Never feel that Epilepsy has to take such a burden or toll on your life. There are many treatment and dietary therapies available to try to help prevent problems or episodes. If you need more assistance or information on this ketogenic diet, feel free to contact us here.  Please comment in the comment section if you have some degree of experience using this diet and tell us and others in your community how it has helped you or your children and what to expect or anticipate while in the fasting process.  We wish you success and the best of health as you undergo this diet therapy. Keep us bookmarked for more health information!



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